Read The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky novel Chapter 6 (2024)

“Miss Young, are you here to speak with me…”

Brody greeted her ingratiatingly like a pug wagging its tail, only stopping short of kneeling and licking her feet.

Iris did not even look at Brody and glanced past him to look at Leon. As soon as she laid eyes on him, a hint of anticipation appeared on her cold and pretty face.

She spared no effort in trying to find Leon the past night, for she firmly believed that Leon was still alive!

That b*stard of a man was not allowed to die so easily after copping a feel from her.

With that determination in mind, she availed herself of the Youngs’ resources that morning to get every single detail about Leon. She eventually found out about Leon’s plans to divorce Marilyn.

As a result, she immediately rushed to the Civil Records Office to see if she could find Leon.

Sure enough, she saw someone resembling Leon curling up on the ground while hugging his head. She was unable to see his appearance clearly, and she could not confirm whether he was indeed who she looked for!

The two bodyguards stopped beating Leon because Iris was there.

Leon looked up after sensing the slight change in the atmosphere. Lo and behold, the first thing he saw was Iris’s limpid and emotion-filled eyes.

“Iris? It’s you!”

Leon stood up in bewilderment because he did not expect to see Iris so soon.

Iris looked at Leon with a conflicted expression. Although she felt very emotional, a part of her wanted to restrain those emotions. Her urge to scold that rascal for feeling her up was strong, but there was no denying that he saved her life.

In the end, Iris’s delicate body trembled, and tears welled up in her eyes like an overflowing river.

Unable to hold back her emotions any longer, she threw herself right into Leon’s arms.


Leon was dumbfounded.

Brody, Marilyn, and Helen were all just as stupefied to see what happened.

Everyone present there was speechless too!

They never dreamed that Iris—the woman who ranked first among four of Springfield City’s most beautiful woman—would take the initiative to embrace that sorry excuse of a man!

It was shocking!

Furthermore, many of those present there regarded Leon as a useless person after Brody snatched away his wife, and they had only contempt for Leon.

The roles were reversed, however, and they were the ones that made fools of themselves!

The man whom they all viewed as worthless trash was able to win over Iris, the number one goddess yearned for by all men in Springfield City!

They looked at Leon with maddening jealousy and wanted nothing more than to end his life!

If looks could kill, Leon would have been dead 10,000 times over!

When Leon snapped out of his senses, he immediately helped Iris out of his arms and said, “Iris? Why are you here?”

“I’m here for you…”

There was a faint blush on Iris’s pretty face, but as soon as she saw a smear of blood dripping from the corner of Leon’s mouth, she cast away all thoughts about reminiscing with Leon. She reached out to touch the wound on the corner of Leon’s mouth, and her pretty face became somewhat icy. “How did you get that on your face, Leon? Who hurt you?”


Leon glanced subconsciously at Brody.

“You did this, Brody?”

Iris was angry and she shot Brody a cold look.

She did a thorough investigation of Leon’s background and knew that his wife Marilyn cheated on him with Brody.

Brody ruined Leon’s marriage and threatened to end the latter’s life!

It was utterly disgraceful!

Brody shuddered, and Marilyn stepped forward before he could answer.

“Who the hell are you? How dare you talk to my husband like that! Do you know who he is? He’s is the eldest young master of Sullivan Enterprises!” Marilyn scolded arrogantly.

She never saw Iris before and had no idea who Iris was.

All she knew was that Iris’s looks rivaled hers in every way, so much so that Iris turned a lot of heads after making an entrance.

Marilyn was jealous and dissatisfied.

“Are you Leon’s wife, Marilyn?”

Iris smiled and immediately guessed Marilyn’s identity.

“I am! Or rather, I was! I’ve divorced him! He’s a good-for-nothing beggar and judging from the way you threw yourself into his arms like he was some kind of treasure, you must be just as useless as him too!”

Marilyn sneered, but before she could continue, she was slapped.

Read The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky novel Chapter 6 (2024)


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